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This site is your one-stop to all things OK-ish. Info about completed projects, current works in progress and what I had for dinner last night. Lower down, you can see Soundcloud links to tracks (original pieces and remixes). Click on these and the music will fill your room like a weird gas.

Mother Pukka

Mother Pukka

I was commissioned by my old chums at Mother Pukka to do a 'bed' for theirpodcast. Basically a piece of music wallpaper that they can disrespect by talking all over. Like pearls for the swine, this job. Anywayz, they wanted something 'groovy and northern-soul-esque'. Instead they got this funky effort (which in itself is not from my usual palette of musical strokes).
It now forms the bedrock of their top quality podcast and is quite possibly the reason why its up in the top downloads charts on a regular basis.

You can play/download below and perhaps use it as an audio backdrop for your own potty mouthed views on producing kids.


Null Structures Remixes

Null Structures Remixes

So let's take some of those tracks and stick them in a magical remix box that spurts out some refreshing re-takes of 'Null Structures'.
'UVB-76' has become fair perky and the creeping gentleness has been replaced by a grinding, relentless groove.
'Data Burst' comes in dreamy ambient or uplifting house flavours. Take your pick.
'Good Morning Sun' is coated in glitter and sparkles in a new shiny light like reading your iPhone first thing in the morning.

New tracks

Null Structures

‘Null Structures’ by We Are OK – Electronic melodies and atmospheres influenced and containing the sounds of the infamous shortwave radio ‘number stations’ of the cold war era and beyond. Legend has it that the broadcasts ranged from containing coded messages to spies to implicit instructions that if the broadcast could no longer be heard at a certain time then the listener would know that the transmitting party had a suffered a nuclear attack and a suitable military response was then required. They included the British Intelligence Service’s ‘Lincolnshire Poacher’ and the mysterious Russian ‘UVB-76’ (broadcasting from 1973 to current).

Subscribers to Apple Music and Spotify can now stream the album from the below links:

Apple Music : https://itun.es/nl/8yImbb

Or Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5dIyvy2H3BiZgYtNFIrauW

Null Structures

Archive Tracks

Zitakula Remix

Call To No One

First Family Riot Remix

Ghost Station



We Are OK is Amsterdam based musician/composer Matt J Brown.

He rides a bike while listening to music. And that’s dangerous.


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